What Our Clients Say

“Camille has been invested in fighting for my daughter for over seven years now. She has fought by my side for the benefit of my daughter wholeheartedly. Her dedication and passion towards my daughter’s safety and well-being has been her top priority for most of my daughter’s lifetime. She has a beautiful heart and is a wonderful person, in which I can say I have learned a great deal from over the years. I do not just consider Camille a reliable, honest, loyal attorney and mediator but also a true friend.” – Brandi N. 

“Camille is willing to go the distance. My case was muddy, exhausting, and true test of mental fortitude and focus. As a client, I was also very demanding and involved in my case. Camille was able to earn my confidence and my trust that she could handle the adversity and continue to be reliable.” – Jonathan F.

“It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing a testimonial on the outstanding, loving and dedicated attorney of Camille Babin.

Camille is a woman of strong moral character, who treats others with courtesy and respect. Her ability to communicate easily and effectively allowed our adoption process to succeed to its fullest potential. She operates as an informal leader with such pride and dedication to her clients.

Her faith has shown us through our adoption that we were not alone. She has always prayed with us and for us on multiple occasions. The fear of the unknown was always there, but the confident, reliable and dependable attorney that Camille is made the process seem much less scary.

On the day we chose Camille Babin as our attorney, not only did we gain one of the biggest support systems of our lives, we’ve also gained a friend who will forever hold a special place in our hearts for eternity!

Love always,
The Naquin family”