What can damage your child custody case

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2021 | Child Custody |

While almost every divorce is stressful and emotionally taxing, those involving child custody disputes have the potential to be even more taxing. If you believe that your being named as the primary or sole guardian of your children after a divorce is important for the wellbeing of your children, you will need to provide proof of that claim in court. However, there are some missteps that you should avoid that can seriously damage your custody case when you pursue child custody in your Louisiana divorce.

Lack of punctuality

The court that handles your custody case against your ex will want to ensure that your children are being awarded to a responsible adult. It is important that you establish that you are on time when dealing with matters involving your children. Don’t show up late for court dates and make it a point to always be on time when you are supposed to pick them up from your estranged spouse. It is typically advised that you arrange pickups with your ex at a place with security cameras so your estranged spouse cannot claim that you were late showing up.

Abuse of drugs and alcohol

If you develop a reputation for drug and alcohol abuse, a court is much less likely to award you custody of your children. While there is nothing wrong with having an occasional drink, you should typically avoid drinking around your children for the duration of your custody battle. Obviously, drug use is illegal and should be avoided at all times, but it is even more imperative that you do not abuse drugs when you are trying to establish yourself as the best guardian for your children.

Rescheduling your time with your children

The court will usually create a temporary child custody agreement that both parties are bound by until the final custody ruling comes down. If you habitually reschedule your appointed visitation with your children, the court will assume that you do not view your time with them as your top priority. Unless it is an unavoidable situation involving work or some other emergency, don’t reschedule your time with your kids.

Child custody battles can become ugly and it is not unusual for emotions to run high. There are plenty of dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. You should employ the services of an attorney who can help navigate you through the process of protecting the best wishes of your children.