A Firm Focused On Family Law And Dedicated To Clients’ Well-Being

A complex legal issue like divorce or custody shouldn’t be resolved by just any attorney. It deserves the attention of a lawyer with considerable knowledge and experience in that particular area of law. In Houma and surrounding areas, you need look no further than the Law Office of Camille Saltz Babin.

Attorney Camille Babin brings 25 years of experience to each client and each case, with most of that time focused solely on family law. Throughout her career, she has worked to stay on the leading edge of changes in this dynamic field. As just one example, she was among the first lawyers in this part of the state to champion family law mediation and is a founding member of the Collaborative Professional Group of Southeast Louisiana.

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Empowering Clients To Seek The Best Possible Resolutions

Family law issues are highly personal and typically involve a mix of strong emotions. These issues can range from adding to your family through adoption, establishing paternity, or settling concerns related to divorce such as child custody and support. During such an emotional time, many clients understandably have trouble focusing on the practical aspects of their case such as asset division and long-term financial stability.

Your attorney should be someone you trust to support you during this process – and that’s what you can expect when you work with Camille Babin. She doesn’t seek a quick fix. Instead, she seeks the solution that’s right for you and your family.

Learn More During Your Initial Consultation

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